Did I Tell You About My Van Obsession?

Well, this is just the start. I’ll only share this one because I don’t want to inundate you with photos of vans, right of the bat. This is one I saw one some random street in Los Angeles. What I thought was crazy was how green the background is and how wet it was that day. Strange for California, especially these days.

Well, here’s the photo:



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Welcome To Our New Blog

Hey there! Welcome to our new blog. You came here so you must be looking for the tips on how to book elegant, stylish and chic limo rentals to drive you around town and get you to your destination.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’d see all these celebrities, sports stars, rich people and the mega elite being chauffeured around in these super awesome looking limousines. Some were standard, like the basic stretch limo you always, but some where super remarkable and some just down right dumb looking.

I lived in a part of town where I would see all of these people being driven around in super cool rides and always wanted to be like them.

This blog is dedicated to awesome limos and transportation vehicles that make you feel like a VIP.



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