What’s The Most Elegant Limo You Have Ever Seen?

Lots of times I get people that are saying, “Oh hey, I’ve been in a limo before.”

And to that I say, “Ha hahaha. HA HAHA!.” There are limos and then there are LIMOS! You’ll know what I’m talking about once you hear me out. So listen up because I’m about to tell you the difference between a normal limo and a chic limo.

Basically, anyone and their mother can rent a limo but only the elite and uber wealthy are able to get the most luxurious cars and vehicles to whisk them away to their mansions, private jets and vacation homes.

Have you ever seen a $245,825.00 limousine before. I haven’t either and I’m actually not sure if one of those even exists. But how crazy would that be!?!?


I know of people spending that much money on a house, but just for a car?! WOW! That’s why I love this stuff. It gets me all tingly just talking about fancy cars like this.

The super wealthy love using their limos for all sorts of excursions. They get their driver to take them to the beach for fine dining on their anniversary, they get their driver to take them to the next event their the keynote speaker at and on and on.

The options are endless when you just have so much money to spend on renting limousines.

I remember I was talking to one guy and get this! He was using his limo driver to go wedding crashing and picking up on all of these super attractive chicks at the wedding. I was so amazed when he was telling me this. I just couldn’t believe it. It plays dress up, spends some money on the rental and probably gets lots of phone numbers from all those hotties!!

Now before you go saying you don’t believe me and what have you. I will show you proof of how these awesome cars can create the most epic night of your life.

But that my friends, is a story for another time. So just sit tight and wait for my next post.


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